Walpurgis Tide

Author: Jógvan Isaksen
Translator: John Keithsson
ISBN-13: 9781909408241
Pages: 282
Published: 2016
Series: B No. 66

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With a foreword by Dominic Hinde

Two British environmental activists are discovered dead amongst the whale corpses after a whale-kill in Tórshavn. The detective Hannis Martinsson is asked to investigate by a representative of the organisation Guardians of the Sea – who shortly afterwards is killed when his private plane crashes. Suspicion falls on Faroese hunters, angry at persistent interference in their traditional whale hunt; but the investigation leads Martinsson to a much larger group of international vested interests, and the discovery of a plot which could devastate the whole country.

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Jógvan Isaksen

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John Keithsson