The Contract Killer

Author: Benny Andersen
Translator: Paul Russell Garrett
ISBN-13: 9781870041782
Pages: 50
Published: 2012
Series: B No. 58

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Karlsen is a down-on-his-luck private investigator looking for work. When the only job on offer is a contract killing, Karlsen agrees despite his lack of experience. Things don’t go to plan and it seems the contract is open to negotiation. The play follows the twists and turns of an inexperienced contract killer with a weakness for turquoise dresses and wide-eyed women. This absurdist comedy by one of Denmark’s best-loved writers sees the fates of the eponymous contract killer, his target, the employer and his wife, twist, turn and hang in the balance. What is a life worth? Who will survive? And will the hair dye ever make it to Pakistan?

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Benny Andersen

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Paul Russell Garrett