Norvik Press publishes high-quality
translations of Nordic and Baltic fiction.

We are a non-profit publisher with a specialism in translated fiction from the Nordic region.
We also publish a Scandinavica, a fully open access peer-reviewed publication in the field of Scandinavian studies,
and Swedish Book Review, which celebrates Swedish literature and promotes its translation.

Translated Fiction

Our catalogue of translated fiction features classic books by authors such as Selma Lagerlöf, Amalie Skram and August Strindberg, as well as contemporary bestsellers from authors like Vigdis Hjorth and Kirsten Thorup.


Scandinavica is a scholarly journal focusing on the literature and culture of all the Nordic countries. The journal is published Gold Open Access and articles go through a double blind peer review.

Swedish Book Review

Launched in 1983, SBR presents Swedish-language literature to the English-speaking world, through feature articles, translated extracts, interviews, book reviews and more. 

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