The North as Home: Proceedings from the Nordic Research Network 2017

Editors: Heidi Synnøve Djuve, Stefan Drechsler, Beñat Elortza Larrea, Deniz Cem Gülen
ISBN-13: 9781909408548
Pages: 184
Published: 2020
Series: C No. 4

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The Nordic Research Network (NRN) was established in 2010 by graduate students of Scandinavian Studies in the UK, as a forum for sharing ongoing research and fostering collaboration across the wide range of disciplinary and methodological perspectives that characterise scholarship on the Nordic region. Held at eighteen-month intervals, the NRN conference has grown steadily and has provided many emerging scholars with their first opportunity to introduce their research to the academic community. Like previous volumes of proceedings from the NRN conference (Illuminating the North, 2013, and Beyond Borealism, 2016) this anthology showcases the scope of current research by early-career scholars in Scandinavian Studies. The essays in this volume originated as papers delivered at the 7th Nordic Research Network conference, organised at the University of Aberdeen in summer 2017, and explore how the North has been imagined and mediated as ‘home’ in literature, historiography, language and the arts.