A Century of Swedish Narrative: Essays in Honour of Karin Petherick

Editors: Sarah Death and Helena Forsås-Scott
ISBN-13: 978-1870041270
Pages: 304
Published: 1994
Series: A No. 11

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This collection of essays spans Swedish literature from 1891 to 1991. It ranges from the works of Selma Lagerlöf  to that of Ingmar Bergman and Kerstin Ekman in the late-20th century, taking in such major figures as Hjalmar Bergman, Stig Dagerman and Lars Noren. Some essays deal with individual works, whereas others provide a broader perspective on the authors’ writing. All of the essays have been specially commissioned for this volume, which provides a tribute to the lifelong work of Karin Petherick, on her retirement as Reader in Swedish at University College London, as a teacher and critic of Swedish language and literature.