Strindberg’s Secret Codes

Author: Freddie Rokem
ISBN-13: 9781870041553
Pages: 224
Published: 2004
Series: A No. 22

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Strindberg’s works are enigmatic, taking the form of riddles that constantly ask readers, directors, actors and spectators to find new and creative solutions. Focusing on the plays, these original and searching essays seek to uncover the hidden secrets of Strindberg’s codes as a writer. They include studies of many of his most celebrated works, including Miss Julie, The Father, The Dance of Death, Creditors, and the chamber plays, which are subjected both to close textual readings and analysed in performance. Rokem explores their unconscious processes and compares Strindberg’s complex but endlessly fascinating project with the work of Ibsen and Freud in what is one of the most challenging books on his theatre in recent years.


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Freddie Rokem