New Norwegian Plays

Authors: Bjørg Vik, Peder W. Cappelen, Edvard Hoem, Cecilie Løveid
Editors: Janet Garton, Henning Sehmsdorf
Translators: Janet Garton, Henning Sehmsdorf
ISBN-13: 9781870041119
Pages: 293
Published: 1990
Series: B No. 6

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A selection of four plays by contemporary Norwegian dramatists, including an introduction and further reading. The plays included are:

Daughters / Bjørg Vik
Whittenland / Peder W. Cappelen
Good night, Europe / Edvard Hoem
Seagull Eaters / Cecilie Løveid


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Bjørg Vik, Cecilie Løveid, Edvard Hoem, Peder W. Cappelen


Henning Sehmsdorf, Janet Garton

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