Contemporary Norwegian Women’s Writing

Editor: Janet Garton
ISBN-13: 9781870041294
Pages: 256
Published: 1996
Series: B (English Translations of Works of Scandinavian Literature)

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This anthology presents a representative cross-section of Norwegian women’s writing from the early 1970s and the beginnings of “new wave feminism” in Norway to the present day, from the more directly political writings from the early part of the period to the more fantastic later ones. It ranges across many genres, including fiction, drama, poetry and essays. Many of these texts deal with women’s attitudes to their own sexuality; some focus on women’s place in society and their ability to influence the circumstances of their lives, whilst others are about women taking active control of their own desire. They include explorations of lesbianism, prostitution, incest, abuse, of mother/daughter relationships and “jouissance”. Some are angry; and some are humorous. Language is important to these authors: the texts are innovative or outspoken in their use of language; some are about language, its appropriation as a weapon of power and the need for women to discover their own language. The volume is prefaced by an introductory essay which outlines the development of women’s writing in Norway during the period 1970–1995. A list of main works and translations of the authors is also included. Other works by Janet Garton include Jens Bjorneboe, Prophet Without Honor and Norwegian Women’s Writing 1850–1990. She is the translator of Knut Faldbakken’s The Sleeping Prince, Bjorg Vik’s An Aquarium of Women, and plays by Vik, Edvard Hoem and Cecilie Loveid.