Charlotte Löwensköld

Author: Selma Lagerlöf
Translator: Linda Schenck
ISBN-13: 9781909408067
Pages: 290
Published: 2015
Series: B No. 63

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A curse rests on the Löwensköld family, as narrated in The Löwensköld RingCharlotte Löwensköld is the tale of the following generations, a story of psychological insight and social commentary, and of the complexities of a mother-son relationship. Charlotte is in love with Karl-Arthur – both have some Löwensköld blood. Their young love is ill fated; each goes on to marry another. How we make our life ‘choices’ and what evil forces can be at play around us is beautifully and ironically depicted by Selma Lagerlöf, who was in her sixties when she wrote this tour de force with the lightest imaginable touch.

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Selma Lagerlöf

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Linda Schenck