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Tschandala Honey Tongues The Misadventures of the New Satan

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Books written or co-written by Kerstin Ekman

Kerstin Ekman
Translated by Rochelle Wright
ISBN: 9781909408227
City of Light
Kerstin Ekman
Translated by Linda Schenck
ISBN: 9781870041546
The Angel House
Kerstin Ekman
Translated by Sarah Death
ISBN: 9781870041515
The Spring
Kerstin Ekman
Translated by Linda Schenck
ISBN: 9781870041478
Witches' Rings
Kerstin Ekman
Translated by Linda Schenck
ISBN: 9781870041362
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Special Feature

Hanne Marie Svendsen's UNDER THE SUN, translated by Marina Allemano

Hanne Marie Svendsen: Under the Sun

The Danish novelist and dramatist Hanne Marie Svendsen (1933-) is best known for the intriguing blend of realism and fantasy in her novels and short stories, notably the award-winning Guldkuglen (1985, published in English as The Gold Ball in 1989). She began her professional career at Danish national television, where she became deputy head of the theatre and literature department. She also taught at the University of Copenhagen, and published several critical books before devoting herself to writing fiction full time. Inspired by her many journeys abroad as well as by storytellers from her native Skagen, the northernmost town in Denmark, she has herself become a consummate storyteller.

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