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Writing Daughters A House in Norway Strindberg's One-Act Plays: A Selection

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Books written or co-written by Amalie Skram

Amalie Skram
Translated by Judith Messick and Katherine Hanson
ISBN: 9781909408494
Fru Inés
Amalie Skram
Translated by Katherine Hanson and Judith Messick
ISBN: 9781909408050
Amalie Skram
Translated by Katherine Hanson and Judith Messick
ISBN: 9781909408081
Caught in the Enchanter's Net: Amalie and Erik Skram's Letters
Amalie Skram and Erik Skram
Edited by Janet Garton
Translated by Janet Garton
ISBN: 9781870041522
Amalie Skram
Translated by Katherine Hanson and Judith Messick
ISBN: 9781870041485
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Special Feature

Norwegian Modern Classics


Norvik Press is pleased to announce a new series of nineteenth and twentieth-century classics of Norwegian literature. Several of Norway’s most important nineteenth-century novelists – Camilla Collett, Arne Garborg, Jonas Lie, Alexander Kielland – have been scarcely available in translation, yet are central to an understanding of the process of nation-building and the forging of Norway’s independent literary heritage. Twentieth-century authors like Sigurd Hoel, Johan Borgen, Jens Bjørneboe and Torborg Nedreaas, who have produced absorbing studies of extraordinary characters and stirring commentaries on contemporary issues, have been undeservedly marginalized because they were not writing in a widely-read language. Many of these will now appear in English translation for the first time.

The first three books in our Norwegian Modern Classics series, Arne Garborg: The Making of Daniel Braut, Sigurd Hoel: A Fortnight Before the Frost, and Jonas Lie: The Family at Gilje, are now available. In 2013 we shall be publishing Amalie Skram’s Fru Inés (1891), translated by Katherine Hanson and Judith Messick, and in 2014 Johan Borgen’s Lillelord (1955), translated by Janet Garton.

Download more information (PDF, 3.7 MB)

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