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Georg Brandes: Selected Letters | Buy Now

Edited by W Glyn Jones

ISBN-10: 1870041100     ISBN-13: 9781870041102

275 pages     RRP £4.95    paperback    1990    Series A No. 6

The Danish critic Georg Brandes is one of the great European letter writers. His correspondence stretches over sixty years, and at times Brandes maintained that he was writing some thirty letters a day. Many of them were business letters or advice to aspiring authors; many others, however, were written to the great figures of his time, including virtually all Scandinavian writers of note as well as many other outstanding political and cultural figures of the European scene.

Brandes' letters have long been published in Danish, and now this selection in English is intended to make them known to a broader public. They trace the great critic's development from a young and at times arrogant beginner to a world-famous figure, one of the voices to which Europe listened. They reflect his personal struggle to establish himself, his constant frustration at writing in a language understood by few of those he would have liked to address, and his gradually growing influence not only in the world of literature, but in the realm of twentieth-century politics too.

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Georg Brandes

Georg Brandes

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