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Book launch! New date: 4 May 2022 + hybrid option

Event listing for Some Would Call This Living, an anthology of Herman Bang’s writings

The book launch will now be happening on 04 May 2022, 5:00 pm–6:30 pm, and will now be a hybrid event. You are welcome to attend in-person or join us virtually.

Please sign up to attend in-person or on Zoom here:

Norvik Press is delighted to announce the launch of Some Would Call This Living, an anthology of writing by the Danish author and journalist Herman Bang.

Herman Bang (1857–1912) was well known throughout Europe in his lifetime, especially in Germany, but had little impact in the English-speaking world, partly no doubt because of his homosexuality, for which he was hounded across Europe. Some Would Call This Living brings together some of Bang’s most important works in English translation, in an attempt to introduce a broad selection of his short stories and journalism to a new public.

In the texts included in this volume, Bang reveals himself as a sharp-witted observer of the society and manners of his age, mercilessly puncturing hypocrisy and arrogance, while invoking indignant sympathy for the outcasts and failures of a ruthlessly competitive world. His characters long to be happy – they move, restless, through the towns and villages of Europe, battling hardship, isolation and misery. Sometimes connection comes from strange and unexpected sources, offering insight and warmth even in the darkest moments.

While relatively unknown in the Anglosphere, Herman Bang’s work, at once vulnerable and powerful, provides a template from which we might understand our own times, our own lives. Some Would Call This Living showcases the work of this extraordinary writer in brilliant translation from the Danish by Janet Garton, Charlotte Barslund and Paul Russell Garrett.